Monday, April 2, 2012

why write

So I was thinking about this blog and the fact that, once again, I fail at writing consistently. I do have two weeks of holidays now (hurrah!) so maybe I'll fire up some ready-to-go posts for future occasions.

Otherwise, I thought the blog needs structure. I was going to post a recipe the other day, but my kitchen was too messy to take photos of. So maybe if I do a recipe day, I'll make sure the kitchen is clean more often. Make sense?
So, here's what I'm thinking:

Monday- Weekend adventures, or link-love to a recipe, craft or blog I've found.
Tasty Tuesday (recipe/food)
Wedding wednesday (thoughts on weddings, my preparation, crafty bits we've done)
Thursday Photo of the week
Friday - End of week thoughts/school stories/wrap-up

Which means that a) We will have to try one new recipe each week in order to document it. Yay for creativity! b) I will have to be conscious of taking photos of weekend adventures/trips/outings so I have something to post, c) I will have to remember to jot down stories from school, thoughts that I want to expand on, and so on, and d) I will have to do something wedding-y once a week. Phew.

So, it being Monday, I'm going to share some link-love, because our weekend was mostly tidying up, going to ikea, assembling a shoe rack, and meeting a florist. Not much to report on.

Recently I stumbled across Veggie Num Num, which unfortunately hasn't been updated for about a month. It has some great vegan and vegetarian recipes, with beautiful images. Plus, she's in Australia, which for me is always a bonus because otherwise recipes suggest using this or that and often it's not available here (for example, we have one company which makes non-dairy cheese that's available in supermarkets, and one company which makes veggie burgers/sausages/chicken. ONE. Ridiculous. Anyway, that's a rant for another day.).

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