Monday, April 23, 2012

unexpected cravings


So, I've officially been writing on this blog for over a month now, and therefore, Nic and I have been vegetarian for over a month now, and yesterday I realised something surprising:

I don't miss meat.

I recall before we made the change fully, that we'd debated it- how we'd miss bacon, and how would we ever cook without using chicken as a staple? And what would we do if we couldn't have ham sandwiches for lunch?!
And I think that a lot of people struggle with these things, and think about them, and wonder how they'll get by, but... it's fine.
We've learnt a bunch of new recipes, and we're trying new things all the time- that's really exciting.
We're eating with a clearer conscience and voting with the decisions we make, and I love that feeling of empowerment.
We go to the supermarket and bypass huge sections, usually hitting up the fruit and veg, the dairy, and the tinned veggies. Yum.
We feel healthy and full.

I don't know whether it's because of the reasons I went vegetarian that I've found it so easy to not 'yearn for' meat, or whether that's just something we build up in our heads, because we're so used to it being a big part of how we eat, but it's genuinely surprised me that I have no desire to 'slip' and get that ham thing at the cafe. Maybe we thought of it more like a diet, where you deprive yourself even though you secretly want that slice of chocolate cake, and eventually you want it so bad that you go an eat the whole damn thing... But it's not.
There's been two times- once at a country, rural bakery where there were one or two veggie options and all of them were depressing, and I felt like throwing my hands up in the air and giving in (but got fried rice instead and it was ok.)... and once in the supermarket walking past roast chickens, when I thought: smells yum! ... not worth it! And moved on.

So that's progress so far.
And in other news, I've begun eating mushrooms like there's about to be a Great Mushroom Shortage and I'd best stockpile them (inside my stomach) which is really bizarre because I've never liked mushrooms before.

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